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All figures based on the 2017/18 academic year.
We’ll be adding information for academic year 2018/19 soon.
Please check back.

What are Dependants' Grants?

If you're a full-time student you might be able to get extra financial help if you have children or an adult who depends on you financially.

Dependants' Grants are paid in addition to your main student finance and don't normally have to be paid back, unless you leave your course early.

Parents' Learning Allowance (PLA)

This helps with course-related costs if you have dependent children.

You can get up to £1,617 a year depending on your income and the income of your husband, wife or partner and any dependants.

Childcare Grant (CCG)

You can apply for help to pay your childcare costs. You could get up to 85% of your weekly costs – a maximum of £159.59 per week for one child, or £273.60 per week if you have two or more children.

If you, your husband, wife, partner or civil partner get the childcare element of Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit, or Tax-Free Childcare from HM Revenue and Customs you won't be able to get a Childcare Grant as well, but you can choose to receive a Childcare Grant instead.

Adult Dependants' Grant (ADG)

You can apply for an Adult Dependants' Grant if you have a partner or another adult who depends on you financially.

You can get up to £2,834 a year depending on your household income, which is your income plus the income of your dependants (including your husband, wife or partner).

Grown up children don't count as adult dependants.

You can't get an Adult Dependants' Grant if the dependent adult is also a student getting student finance.

Applying for Childcare Grant in three easy steps!

step one childcare grant

Fill in the main application for student finance including the section on applying for Childcare Grant (CCG).

Download a CCG application form (CCG1) from your student finance account, fill this in and return it to us.

You don't need to know your childcare provider details to get your first payment. You'll be asked for an estimate of your weekly costs. To avoid having to repay anything it's important to give a realistic estimate of your childcare costs.

step two parents childcare grant

We'll assess your application and send you a letter telling you how much student finance you're entitled to, including any Childcare Grant.

We'll pay any Childcare Grant you're entitled to directly into your bank account, in three instalments, usually at the same time as any Maintenance Loan you get.

step three adult childcare grant

At three points during the academic year, we'll send you a Childcare Costs Confirmation Form (CCG2) for you and your childcare provider to fill in.

Your childcare provider will need to confirm the actual childcare costs they charged you.

If the actual amount is different from the amount you estimated in your initial application, we'll reduce or increase your next instalment of Childcare Grant accordingly.

Return the CCG2 form to us as quickly as possible to make sure you continue to receive CCG.

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