If you’re thinking about suspending your study for a period of time before returning to the same course and university or college at a later date, it’s important to know how this will affect you and what you need to do.

Suspending your studies means you could end up receiving more loan and / or grant than you’re entitled to.

This means your balance (what we’ve paid to you) will consist of two parts:

  1. the balance you’re entitled to – this is the portion of your balance you’ve been assessed as eligible to receive. It will be repaid (loans only) the April after you leave your course and is repaid when you earn above the relevant repayment threshold; and
  2. any overpayment – this is the portion of your balance you’ve been reassessed as not entitled to receive because you’re suspending (loan and grant). It must be repaid as soon as possible and is exempt from the repayment threshold.

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