You’ve had a reduction in your Childcare Grant

This section explains how a Childcare Grant overpayment can occur and what you need to do if one does.

How has this happened

The amount of Childcare Grant you’re entitled to depends on:

  • the estimated childcare costs for the period ahead;
  • the number of children who are dependant on you; and
  • your household income.

If your estimated childcare costs are higher than your actual costs, or there’s been a change in your personal circumstances, we will reassess your entitlement to Childcare Grant.

Any amount of Childcare Grant paid to you in excess of your reassessed entitlement will be classed as an overpayment and will need to be repaid.

Your estimated childcare costs for each period ahead

When you apply for Childcare Grant using the CCG1 form, you’re required to submit an estimate of your childcare costs for each of the three periods in the coming academic year.

Each payment is made in advance based on your estimate.

After each period, you and your childcare provider are required to complete a Confirmation of Childcare Payments (CCG2) form, which confirms your actual childcare costs for that period. Your entitlement will be reassessed and will be reduced if:

  • we don’t receive your actual childcare costs at the end of each period; or
  • we receive your actual childcare costs which show them to be less than your original estimate (which we’ve already paid)

The CCG2 form will be sent to you three times in the academic year and will contain the dates of each period where we’ll require confirmation of actual childcare costs. The form must be returned within 6 weeks of each period ending.

If you haven’t received the form, check your online account to make sure your contact details are up to date. It remains your responsibility to obtain and return this form for each period.

You can find out more about the Childcare Grant and how to apply at Student Finance.

A change in your household income?

A change in your household income could also be the reason for a reassessment of your Childcare Grant. For example, if you’ve previously had a provisional assessment based on your estimated household income, then this may be reassessed and reduced once the actual earnings for the financial year have been confirmed. Find out more about a Current Year Income assessment.

What happens next?

If you have a grant overpayment as a result of a reassessment, we’ll write to you. This will confirm the overpayment amount and the intention to recover this from any remaining payments you’re due to receive within that and any subsequent academic years.

Alternatively, you can contact us on the number provided in the letter to make arrangements to repay this directly.

Overpayments which are not recovered while you’re studying will remain overdue. You’ll be required to repay any outstanding amount when you finish your course. We understand you may not be able to repay any overpayment in a lump sum, so we’ll consider reasonable repayment proposals.

You will also be sent a new Notification of Entitlement letter. This will show your reduced grant entitlement.

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