Still attending but your finance has reduced

If you’re still attending your university or college and you’ve received a letter about an overpayment, this means that your student finance entitlement has been reduced. Your entitlement can be reassessed while you’re still studying for a number of reasons, including:

  • we don’t receive the information needed to correctly assess your entitlement to student finance; or
  • we’ve received new information about a change in your circumstances or household income that could affect the amount of student finance you’re entitled to.

Some of the information required could be financial information, such as your parent(s) or partner’s income information or confirmation of actual childcare costs if you’ve received a Childcare Grant. It could also be confirmation of a change in your circumstances, such as changing your term time address or changing your course. Any reassessment of your entitlement while you’re still studying means you could end up receiving more loan or grant than you’re entitled to. This means your balance (what we’ve paid to you) will consist of two parts:

  1. the balance you’re entitled to – this is the portion of your balance you’ve been reassessed as eligible to receive. It will be repaid (loans only) the April after you leave your course when you earn above the relevant repayment threshold; and
  2. any overpayment – this is the portion of your balance you’ve been reassessed as ineligible to receive (loan and grant).

You can choose to repay the overpayment now by contacting us on the number provided in the letter. If you’re unable to repay this now, we’ll try to recover any overpayment from any future payments you may receive. If we’re unable to do this, you’ll need to make an arrangement to repay this when you leave your course (any overpayment is exempt from the repayment threshold).

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